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 Industrial Hard Chrome - Bar Technologies - Fluid Power Manufacturing

 Three Companies -  One Goal.

That goal is to boldly  "Redefine the Standards" of an industry!

For more than a quarter century, we've pushed and pulled a sometimes hesitant industry to deliver a better, more corrosion resistant, more consistent product, manufactured in a "greener" facility and by doing so Redefining The Standards of that industry,  with our example of excellence. 

But delivering the finest chrome plated bars, induction hardened chrome plated bars and OD chrome plated tubing to our customers was not enough, so Industrial Hard Chrome had to evolve into a company doing  more than chrome plating.  

To achieve our goal of Redefining The Standards, we needed to control the raw material. We invested in  a custom cold  finishing bar line and  formed a second company, Bar Technologies, to purchase and process only the finest raw materials directly from producing mills to very exacting specifications. By doing so,  Bar Technologies could then deliver the finest TG&P product to Industrial Hard Chrome. 

Responding again to what industry customers needed and to again, Redefine the Standards, we formed a third company, Fluid Power Manufacturing.  Customers wanted the option of cut-to-length piston rod blanks and fully machined piston rods and Fluid Power Manufacturing  delivers them.

Start to finish, raw material to an end product so perfect it's been called "Industrial Jewelry", our three companies not only epitomize excellence, but actually Redefined the Industry Standards of not just acceptability, but perfection!

We've done it by controlling the manufacturing process beginning to end with a system we call IHCMS,  "IHC Manufacturing System".  IHCMS assures maximum manufacturing velocity , efficiency and nearly total product perfection! And is used in all three companies

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